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Spinning Top

Spinning Top

These hand painted spinning tops are a timeless classic. Watch the bright colours merge and mix to make new colours as the top spins. Endless fun can be had with spinning competitions, who can spin the longest and the fastest, who can spin the furthest on it's side and if you're feeling really confident even spinning upside down. Choose a hard surface for the best results. And if you're feeling creative why not create a new temporary design topper with some paper, cardboard, or even an old CD. Each one is individually hand painted so no two are exactly the same. Every top comes with an ideas leaflet to get you started on the endless possibilities of this toy. Painted with child safe, environmentally friendly paints.

Dimensions (approx.) - Height: 6cm, Diameter: 6.5cm

Handmade in our workshop in Cumbria.
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